We love making delicious popcorn and helping you reach your goals! So we started our “Let us POP for your Cause” program. A great way for organizations/groups or individuals to raise money and share in our love of popcorn!

To begin fundraising, simply decide which fundraising style is best for your organization/group.

  1. “Concession Style” Fundraising. Sell right at a game, meeting, group event or wherever you are gathering.

Purchase our Savory or Sweet per-packaged popcorn upfront for $2.75 per bag, then you sell each popcorn bag “concession style” at your price point based on your preferred profit margin. Most organizations/groups choose to sell our popcorn for between $5.50 and $6.50 per bag, earning $2.75 or more profit on each sale. That’s a minimum 50% profit margin on each bag you sell. Each Bag holds approximately 8 cups of popcorn - enough for 1-2 people.

Just fill out the "Total Finalized Order Form" and bring the form and payment ($2.75 per bag) to Giggles Gourmet Popcorn Shop for fulfillment. We will need up to 10 days  to produce your order prior to your event day.


      2. “Take Orders and Deliver” Fundraising. Using an order form, take orders and collect funds from your customers. Then receive popcorn up to 10 days after submitting order form and deliver delicious bags of popcorn back to your customers. (This is the most common form of fundraising)

Take customer orders via the provided order sheet and when complete, total all orders to finalized order form and bring totaled finalized order form and payment to            Giggles Gourmet Popcorn Shop for us to start fulfilling your orders. Simply copy the order form we provide to you, or download a copy from our website, and begin selling. Sell each bag at your final price point based on your preferred profit margin. Again, most organizations choose to sell the popcorn for $5.50-$6.50 per bag, earning $2.75 or more profit on each bag we sell. Each Bag holds approximately 8 cups of popcorn - enough for 1-2 people.


Summary, once all sales are finalized and funds collected and “Fundraising Total Finalized Order Form" is complete, bring the form and payment ($2.75 per bag sold only) to Giggles Gourmet Popcorn Shop for fulfillment. Fulfillment usually takes 7 days to fulfill, however larger orders may take up to 3 additional days. We will work with you on timing.


Both our "Concession Style" and "Take Orders and Deliver" Fundraising programs offer the following Flavors.


We have nine flavors of Savory or Sweet popcorn available for purchase: (1) Our Movie Time Buttered popcorn, (2) Kettle popcorn, (3) Caramel popcorn, (4) Cheddar Cheese popcorn, (5) Chicago style mix popcorn (Cheddar & Caramel popcorn mixed together), (6) Strawberry & Cheesecake popcorn, our (7) Confetti Popcorn (Banana, Grape, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Green Apple), (8) Jalapeño Cheese Popcorn (has some heat) and of course – (9) Dill Pickle Popcorn.

      3. “Gift Card” Selling Fundraising. No upfront popcorn involved.

You purchase a predetermined amount of $10 gift cards at the price of $7 per card. Your organization/group will make a 30% profit on each card. No popcorn ordering and/or delivery needed. Your customers can come in to Giggles Gourmet Popcorn Company and make any selection they like and then use their gift cards to pay for their popcorn right on the spot. This gives your customers a choice to select from over 30 flavors of popcorn to include our Gourmet Popcorn line (Chocolate drizzled or covered) as well.  This could not be any easier and still fun and profitable to do.

All organizations must provide a Federal Tax ID number and a completed W-9 form for proper donation filing. Nonprofit organizations with 501c3 status are exempt from paying sales tax. Without this, sales tax must be collected on final sale price.

Please contact us by calling (352) 236-7646 (after hours (352)630-2523) or come in see us to discuss the program you are interested in: Giggles Gourmet Popcorn Company, 6124-2 SW Highway 200, Ocala FL. 34476.  We are located in the Jasmine Square Plaza, right next to the Hospice Thrift Store and by Sammy’s Pizzeria.   

You may also send us an email request for details and program packet at

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